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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 13, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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you know how to you know how to whistle. you just put your lips together and blow. the loss of a legend, lauren bacall, an icon of the stage and screen from hollywood's golden age dies at the age of 89. remembering robin williams as more tributes to the late actor and comedian pour in. authorities reveal what happened in the final hours before his death. and workers in a texas walmart make an alarming discovery. the teenager sets up a makeshift camp inside the store and lives there for days. this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, august 13th, 2014.
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good morning, good to be with you, i'm anne-marie green. we begin this morning with the death of another hollywood legend, lauren bacall. she died yesterday here in new york, she was 89 years old. her career on screen and stage spanned seven decades, but she was as well known as her on and off screen relationships with bogart. more on her life and career later on in this broadcast, but this morning, friends and fans of rob win williams continue to struggle with his suicide. last night, he received a rare tribute at the chinese theater. the lights were dimmed in the middle of williams, who left a hand print in front of the legendary movie palace in 1998. he was remembered by his home down baseball team. >> we lost one of our greatest fans yesterday, and he will be deeply missed by all of us. >> the san francisco giants held a moment of silence for williams
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before last night's game. yesterday, we learned more about how williams died. john blackstone has our report. >> reporter: he was last seen alive sunday night before he went to bed. >> it is not known exactly at this time when mr. williams retired for the evening, but he went to a different room of the home. >> reporter: just before noon monday his personal assistant entered his room and called 91137. >> the caller was disdraught and indicated apparent suicide by hanging took place. >> reporter: emergency responders found a belt around williams' neck, superficial cuts on the risk and pocket knife nearby. >> superficial wounds were not the preliminary cause of death. the preliminary cause of death is due to hanging. >> reporter: on the hollywood walk of fame, a wreath was laid on his star, and billy crystal
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posted this, "no words." louis black, costarred with williams in "man of the year." >> the opportunity to be in the presence of brilliance, you're lucky when that happens, and the fact he was willing to share that with me, it was -- hit was very important. >> reporter: last month, he checked in a rehab clinic focusing on sobriety after finishing a string of projects. >> still in shock? >> i think so. we sometimes hear the roots of comedy are in pain, is that true with robin williams? >> he would come back and finish strong, working with pressure, and i think along with pressure came this depression of the highs and lows. after you've won big like you did, there's nowhere else to go. >> reporter: the sheriff's department refuses to say whether williams left a note. the final coroner's reporter confirming cause of death will
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not be released until toxicology results are in. that could take two to six weeks. john blackson, california. coming up, more reaction to robin williams' death. a powerful earthquake hit southwest mexico collate last night centered about 150 miles south of acapulco. there's no reports of serious damage. this morning, flash floods continue in the northeast. a slow moving storm system is dumping record amounts of rain along the eastern sea board. flood warnings and watches are posted from virginia to maine. the baltimore area got drenched yesterday. the most rain to fall there in one day in more than 80 years. some parts got about 10 inches. the torrential rain overran roadways and dozens of drivers had to be rescued, and homes were flooded. there are reports this morning of another police shooting near ferguson, missouri, the town where an
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unarmed black teenager, michael brown, was shot and killed by police saturday. our cbs affiliate in st. louis says a police officer shot a man who pointed a gun at him. now, the suspect is in critical condition. there were more than demonstrations in ferguson last night. brown was stopped for walking in the street saturday. he was shot by a white police officer numerous times following a struggle. the police officer has not been identified after threats were made. brown's mother says the officer needs to come forward. >> you take your punishment. if you're a man, you stand up, you be a man, you say, i was wrong. that's how we can start to move on. >> witnesses say brown had his hands in the air when he was shot and killed. president obama called the shooting a tragedy and is urging calm. the political standoff in iraq may be easing. prime minister malawki who
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refused to step down after a new prime minister was appointed is losing support, and he told army and police commanders not to interfere with the political crisis. meanwhile, the united states is sending more troops to iraq. we are in washington with the details, susan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. 130 additional u.s. troops arrived in northern iraq. the pentagon says they are there to assess the humanitarian crisis and will coordinate air strikes and help with those. the defense secretary, chuck hagel, says these are not to be considered boots on the ground. at least 130 u.s. troops arrived in iraq tuesday. the pentagon calls them advisers on a temporary mission to assess the humanitarian crisis facing tens of thousands religious minorities trapped on a mountain top by islamic militants in nor northwestern iraq. >> very specifically, this is not a combat boots on the ground
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operation. we're not going to have that kind of operation. >> reporter: the u.s. and the u.k. have been dropping food and water for the refugees who are in danger of starving. they fled their homes after the isis militants threatened to kill anyone who refused to convert to islam. >> reporter: another defense official says the troops will try to determine if feasible to rescue those, and if so, how? >> we're looking, quite frankly at everything. it is so dire, that we are looking at everything. >> reporter: on tuesday, an iraqi aid helicopter crashed into the mountain killing the pilot and injury to others after too many tried to jump on. the pentagon says the newly arrived troops will evaluate how successful air strikes have been in protecting the refugees. now, these additional 130 troops will bring the total american military personnel in iraq to more than a thousand, just about three years after the last u.s.
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troops left. anne-marie? >> thank you, susan. coming up on "the morning news", brooklyn bridge suspects, who claims to be behind the flag swapping mystery on the land mark? hollywood's golden age, we remember actress lauren bacall. this is "the cbs morning news." it's surprising what your mouth goes through in a day. but what's even more surprising is that brushing alone isn't enough to keep it clean. fortunately, you've got listerine®. unlike brushing which misses 75% of your mouth, listerine® cleans virtually your entire mouth. so what are you waiting for? it's time to take your mouth to a whole new level of health. listerine®...power to your mouth™. also try listerine® pocketpaks.
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ok, really attached. and that's alright. because we'll text you when your package is on the way. we're even expanding sunday package delivery. yes, sunday. at the u.s. postal service, our priority is...was... and always will a claim of responsibility for the white flags that
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mysteriously appeared on the brooklyn bridge. two german artists say they hoisted the flags on july 2 2 in celebration of public art and marked the anniversary of the death of the german-born engineer who built the bridge. they say they are returning the american flags that had been atop the bridge. and she was hollywood royalty. actress lauren bacall died in new york city yesterday at the age of 89. as reported, bacall was a star on the big screen, and, later, on the broadway stage. >> i went through a lot of trouble to get you out of here. >> reporter: lauren was a star in her very first films playing opposite bogart in "to have and to have not," in her husky voice delivering the most famous lines. >> you know how to whistle. you just put your lips together and blow. >> reporter: she perfected her trademark look, chin down, eyes up to the camera, a look that
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came about by accident. >> i would always shake, really nervous, i had no confidence in myself, and so i found that my head would shake, and i found the only way to keep it still was just to hold my head down and look up. >> reporter: bacall was done betty jones percy, daughter of jewish imgrants and first cousin to israel perez. she became a model, and this picture caught the eye of the corrector, howard hawk, who changed her name to lauren, and her career took off. her film debut immediately made her hollywood's leading lady. she met her future husband. she was 19 when she met bogard. he was 45. >> what would your first step be? the usual one. >> i didn't know there was a usual one. >> sure there is. >> reporter: they started together again in "the big sleep," and "key largo." >> reporter: they continued to make movies and started a family
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having two kids, but he died of cancer, and bacall said she was never over the loss. she was engage to frank sinatra and later married and kept her career alive, gaining tony awards for "awe applause" and come "woman of the year," and a emmy nomination for "the mirror has two faces." she was filled bogi's part was just the opening act in the career that lasted decades, making her one of the last stars of hollywood's golden age. cbs news. well, straight ahead, a price hike on a breakfast staple, and the new england patriots take part in the ice bucket challenge. find out who they are daring to participate in the viral campaign. dare to participate in the viral campaign. there's lots of choices. like chocolate, honey nut and cinnamon,
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forecast in some cities around the country. the country. art walmart employees in texas said they found something shocking, a teenager living in the store for four days. the 14-year-old boy set up a camp underneath store shelves, drinking juice boxes and changing clothes and adopted a gold diminish from the pet department, a trail of trash led to the discovery, no charges filed, and is now with relatives. revel mans to shut down in september. the resort will close doors after failing to find a buyer in bankruptcy court. it will be the second of four atlantic city casinos to shut down this year. bacon lovers are upset over
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rising prices. bacon prices shot up to an all-time high of $6 .11 per pound. the price surge began last year after a virus swept through farms in 30 states killing millions of pigs. in sports, donald sterling no longer owns the los angeles clippers. after months of controversy and court battles, former microsoft ceo, steve ballmer, officially took control of the team tuesday. the record $2 billion sale of the clippers closed after a court rules sterling's wife, shelly, had the authority to make the deal. the new england patriots won the afc east championship five straight years and now have a new challenge for the division rivals. >> one, two, three! >> yeah, that's right, the patriots issued the ice bucket challenge to the miami dolphins,
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buffalo bills, and new york jets. it's meant to raise awareness of als. in addition to getting doused with ice water, the owner says the team is making a significant donation to als research. the cowboys and raiders could have used a bucket of ice to cool down in their joint practice. dallas defensiveback makes a hard tackle on oakland's michael rivera triggering a brawl that briefly spilled into spectators. one raiders's fan swipes a dallas player with a helmet, and police stepped in to keep fans separated from the players. when we return, online remembrances. we'll show you how social media websites are joining people together in their tributes to rob williams. te to robin williams. tylenol is clinically proven to provide strong, fast pain relief. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more.
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tylenol ♪ ripple effect across the country. how his suicide is giving more people the strength, to ask for help. plus, something strange hapd on board a flight to san francisco... that has a lotf
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people creeped out. the u-s sends more than one hundred additional troops io iraq. why the pentagon says these are not boots on the ground. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. it's wednesday, ,, here's a look at today's here's a look at today's forecast around some cities in the country.
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well since rob win well, since robin williams' death, the internet is providing a place for fans to share grief and celebrate his life. as reported, the tributes on social media to williams' memory are still pouring in. >> reporter: as friends and fans create memorials at his home and hollywood, the outpours on social media have been constant since news of his death broke monday afternoon. >> oh, captain, my captain. >> sit down. >> reporter: mimicking an inspirational scene from "dead poet's society" they have a scene. his daughter took to twitter saying, i love you, i miss you. >> reporter: weeks before his death, he posted a picture of
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his daughter, zelda, wishing her a happy 25th birthday. a post signed by rw garnered around 1.7 million likes and shared more than 200,000 times. facebook with jones, chevy chase, and nasa and the white house posted heart felt tributes to the comedian and oscar-winning actor. >> maybe you're perfect and don't want to ruin that. >> reporter: ben affleck posted what read in part, heart broken, made my dreams come true. what do you owe a guy who gave you that? everything. cbs news. and williams' movies have taken over the best seller list on top sellers are "mrs. doubtfire" and "dead poet's society," high on the list is "good will hunting," others are "good
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morning, vietnam," and "patch adams." coming up, more reaction on the death of robin williams. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." than extra strength tylenol. and not only faster. stronger too. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil every time you take advil you're taking the medicine doctors recommend most for joint pain. more than the medicine in aleve or tylenol. the medicine in advil is the number one doctor recommendation for joint pain. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil purina dog chow light & healthy is a deliciously tender and crunchy kibble blend. with 20% fewer calories than purina dog chow. isn't it time you discovered the lighter side of dog chow. purina dog chow light & healthy. losing your chex mix too easily? deploy the boring potato chip decoy bag.
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actor robin actor robin williams had a style his own and way with words set him apart. that talent came out in his memorable interviews and performances. >> ladies and gentlemen, robin williams! >> for me, it's another world for me. it's such a great release. i was trained as an actor and did comedy because i couldn't find work in plays. >> looks like a cross of charles manson, he has that look. >> such freedom, it's wonderful. it's great. it's a whole other world. >> who are you? >> i'm mark for mark. >> when you perform as an actor, you explore behavior and totally different beings than yourself, which is wonderful. >> you don't know about real
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loss because that only occurs when you love something more than you love yourself. >> good morning, vietnam! >> it also, at a certain point in life, when things were when mourk and mindy ended, you do stand up for two reasons, one, the financial reasons, make money the old-fashioned way, in person, but it brings everything to bear, your conscious, okay, what are you doing to talk about? >> i want to say the reason i come here, the reason i'm flying into this place is you. >> that was worth it, people coming up saying, oh, man, i laughed, especially knowing what we continue to go through. >> yeah. >> nice to be here, near all the lovely palaces. this is like vegas built by a crack addict. >> people need it. and that's the purpose of going out and doing it. >> comedy cuts across, and at the same time, you talk about brutally sad things but are funny.
4:27 am
>> the difference between a tornado and divorce in the south, nothing, someone is losing a trailer. >> you can be the number one guy in the world and be upset and not handling life very well. >> the latin term for that sentiment is carpe diem. >> roosevelt, the president of these united states of america at your service. >> we want to do interesting films, work with interesting people. because you get to a certain point, and you say, what are you leaving behind? it's movies like this that are great. >> oh, captain, my captain. >> that has an effect, and it has a half-life. that's a wonderful thing. >> thank you, boys. thank you. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on the flash
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flooding in the east as that massive storm system moves through overnight, and we'll get the forecast. plus, the growing industry of overseas sur ga si, hidden risks involved, and creator of the hit show "madmen" joins us in studio. that's the cbs morning news for wednesday. thank you for watching, i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. unfolp unfolds this morning southern border. r >>p >> a major devel fight against cancer. cancer. "cbs this morning" more real no rush, andy.
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good to have you on board, juliette. you worked a week with us and had to have more. >> i had a lot of diet coke this morning. [ laughter ] >> she comes in with this jug and i'm like, hello. >> anyway, we're here, good morning! >> how's the weather? >> looking good. today going to be a little mild around the bay area. still got a couple of clouds out there this morning. but then it looks like we're going to see some changes and i think you're going to like what we have coming our way for the weekend. >> i have my list of overnight roadwork this morning and we have some better news in livermore. they picked that up but we still have a lot in oakland, richmond, hercules and into richmond. [ indiscernible ] >> claudia gave me some cheat notes. >> thank you. the time now is 4:30. [ pause ] >> it was a crowd of 40,000 at at&t park, they stood in silence to remember one of the giants' greatest fans, robin williams. kpix


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